Using the drug order tag from HTML form entry in openmrs versions 2.x

I am currently using openmrs-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and htmlformentry-3.10.0-SNAPSHOT. If I try to use the inside my forms I get the following error on my console:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.openmrs.Drug.getDoseStrength()Ljava/lang/Double;
at org.openmrs.module.htmlformentry.element.DrugOrderSubmissionElement.handleSubmission(

On debugging I realized that the Drug entity has been updated since openmrs-core-1.9 and it is being used in the old version here.

I have tried to look into the compatibility classes, not quite sure about that yet. Any suggestions or guides shall be a big help.

@mksd @sameermotwani11 @mukesh

Can you start by creating a ticket for this?

I suspect there may already be a ticket in the HTML Form Entry project (but I haven’t checked., and certainly create one if there isn’t). I forget exactly where we are with all this, but, unfortunately, it’s highly possible that the DrugOrder tag has never been updated to work with the new order model.

Take care, Mark

Hi, I have created this ticket in the HTML Form Entry project.

@mksd @sameermotwani11 @mukesh @mogoodrich

@prateektiwari can you add a link to this talk thread. Also curate the ticket by adding as much information or pointers as would be helpful to whoever picks it up.

Sure, adding my analysis so far !