Using the Bahmni Vagrant Box in Production

Dear Bahmni Team,

It seems like using the Bahmni Dev environment for production deployments is the way for the least amount of effort and attention which needs to be invested into the technology. (See this thread). While I also like the idea of just typing in something like vagrant up and then having a fully functional system I have some concerns about it:

  • In the wiki it is stated that the Vagrant installation is meant “(…) to have Bahmni running on your machine for Testing or Development.” (see Wiki: Bahmni Virtual Box)
  • How do you deal with updates in this scenario?
  • What about redundant servers for high reliability?
  • I hope you have a good backup strategy in case you accidentally type in a destructive Vagrant command. (Snapshots are not probably not enough as they won’t help you if the whole virtual machine is destroyed.)
  • Running the system in a VM requires more hardware resources as it has to serve both the host system and the virtual machine. (See the Systems Requirements wiki page)
  • The development environment might behave little, little differently in some edge cases.

Can you please give an official recommendation regarding this scenario and also document it in the wiki?

Those are the relevant wiki pages regarding this subject: