Using Speciality Field on Visit page

In Appointment Module when we go Appointments -> Admin -> Add new Service then it shows the service availabilty there on left side is a field called Speciality. which takes its values from appointment_speciality table.I want to use the Same Speciality Field on Visit Page. So is it possible to do so.And if possible how ? Please help thanks in advance

Hi Nawaz,

  1. Are you referring to displaying the appointment speciality on the visit dashboard?
  2. Or do you want to capture this speciality for a patient in a context other than an appointment ? if yes, can you explain the use case you are trying to solve? ( Please note that Currently speciality is available in the context of an appointment only )

Thanks for reply @sruti I want to capture this speciality for patient in context other than appointment. Generally in Multispeciality Hospital when Patient visits a Hospital he may want to visit a particular Speciality like Cardic or Gynaec etc, so on Visit page i want to add a Speciality coloumn that would do this work and the visit would be segregated as per Speciality.

hello @nawazshaikh,

I don’t clearly understand what you mean by visit page. Can you please elaborate? Is it the second page of registration or the consultation page in clinical?

However, as per my understanding your requirement is differentiate the visits. We can configure different visit types for the same purpose. Different visit types could be tied to your programs or to locations. In you case each speciality is a different location. So if you tie locations to visit types, based on login location each visit can be differentiated. Here is the wiki describing purpose of visit types.

If you have already tried this out and this not suffice your requirement, do let us know.

Hey, Did tou got the solution? I too implementing bahmni for a multispeciality hospital, where I need to record doctor name and department name for patient in each visit. In my case for different visit doctors and departments cane be different.