Using Patient Identifier Pool with Bahmni

I am trying to auto generate/supply patient ids from a pool of formatted patieent ids

I have successfully created the new patient id type and populated the pool and also stored the UUID of the patient identifier type in the advanced setting emr.primaryIdentifierType.

However it seems that the registration form requires a prefix; that Bahmni is unhappy with any UUID other than the initial one (perhaps it is hard coded somewhere) and also requires auto generation rather than selection from a pool.

Is this a known restriction or have I failed to do something?

Hi @mafrica

Below two links should give you detailed information on how to configure a patient identifier and how to select the source for these identifiers. In the registration app.json we define the default identifier “defaultIdentifierPrefix”: “GAN”, you could remove this line or update it with your defined prefix if there is one.

I have tried these suggestions without success in fact I seem to have gone backwards. All efforts to save a new patient registration fail with this error despite endeavouring to revert to a prior working layout…

There was an unexpected issue on the server. Please try again

Please can you repeat the registration action and share the logs of OpenMRS to help get more information.

I have just cracked the failure. I had a generated id of 6 digits starting 000001 with a number sequence of 1234567890 and of course when I reached the 10th id it would give 000000 and think that the list was exhausted.

If have created a new source starting at 000001 with a sequence of 0123456789 and everything seems fine.

I am reluctant to try a third time to work with the pool of identifiers. It would be my preferred method but I seem always to stuck with the requirement for a prefix and a failure to select from the pool.

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