Using OpenMRS as EHR

Application Name: Reference Application +2.4 Version Number: Standalone 2.0

Question: I just got my hands on openMRS standalone . I found it EMR system rather than EHR system ,like it revolves around patient registration and encounters and vitals are captured for the current visit .What about past history of patient ? and family history like some one already diabetic in family ? Can anyone recommend me modules which can help me achieve this ? more over any out of box module for Tele-Health consultations ? also i couldn’t found patient’s complete summary which patient can take with him he visits some other doctor .

Any help would be highly appreciated

Regards Umar

Hi Umar,

Am assuming you are referring to the OpenMRS reference application: By the way, have you looked at bahmni?

Hi dkayiwa,

Your are correct i am talking about Reference application 2.4 . I have installed bahmni too . but my question is regarding entering old patient information . we register patient for first time current reference application supports us to enter observations for current encounter . how so we enter old data for patient ? do we will have to make a form for it ? and how to share data between two different doctors at different locations ?

Regards Umar

Yes you will need to create forms for that data. Are the different locations accessing the same server? If yes, then as long as they have the correct permissions, they will see each other’s data.

You can also look at the many full implementations of OpenMRS if you are looking at a more complete EHR… but you can start with the reference application. Did you load the standalone with the CIEL dictionary option? You can see dictionary support for much more than the reference application UI.

Hi @akanter and @dkayiwa

Thank you mates for replying here . I loaded standalone with dummy data so i think CIEL dictionary is also included in it . Can you suggest me some implementations of OpenMRS with full EHR support ? I saw Bahmni Distribution it also sounded me more like and EMR where information entered is tightly coupled with the visits . yes registration screen had extra demographic informations . Isn’t asking patient history and asking things like any one in family had diabetics etc is a common practice ? any refrence distribution implementing these ? is there any collection of forms i can see ?


@umar you can always customise these forms to collect all the data you are asking for. As for the forms collection, you could take a look at

Folks, I have heard that the current standalone app no longer offers the full CIEL dictionary as an option (without patient data). I believe the dummy data option does NOT include CIEL.

@akanter did you confirm that to be true with the latest release of the reference application version 2.4? :smile:


Do these Forms from Form bank works with OpenMRS Reference Application 2.4 ?

@umar i have never tried them out myself.


Thanks for the help but it think they appear as if they are not supported . Importing them via meta-data sharing module through some exception

@umar even if you imported them successfully, you will still need to create your own forms. Take a look at either the htmlformentry or xforms module to learn how to create your own forms.

@dkayiwa ! Thanks mate . Here is another quick query if you can give me some pointer . The us case we want to deploy openMRS is tele-medicine where a nurse in rural area enters patient details and is need to assign patient to a particular doctor sitting in cities later doctor can cosult to patient over skype or any other medium . how assigning a patient to a doctor can be achieved ?

@umar before i share my thoughts, what did you have in mind? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa both end with we using same server .Nurse and doctors will have different accounts with different roles . do we need to appointment module ? every thing is real time so i don’t think appointment module will be needed . I am stuck at this assigning patient to a doctor part

@umar is this similar to? Provider seeing only assigned patients