Using <includeIf> with patientAgeInMonths doesn't work

Hello !

In my HTML Form I want to display a <section> based on the age of the patient in months:

The following line will work:

Patient age (in months): <lookup expression="fn.patientAgeInMonths()"/>


But if i do (for the same Patient):

<includeIf velocityTest="fn.patientAgeInMonths() &lt; 4">
<font>Patient is less than 4 months old</font>

The condition doesn’t work, the text is not displayed.

Why ?

Vitals HTML form does this in this way

<includeIf velocityTest="13 > $patient.getAge($encounter.getEncounterDatetime())">
                <legend><lookup expression="fn.getConcept('CIEL:1343').name"/></legend>
                <h3><lookup expression="fn.getConcept('CIEL:1343').name"/></h3>

                    <obs conceptId="CIEL:1343" id="muac" showUnits="uicommons.units.millimeters" unitsCssClass="append-to-value"/>

Thanks for the reply @k_joseph ! I have had already found this but thanks for updating the thread.

Here is the file where it can be seen:

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