Using Figma in openmrs

##Can Figma be used in contribution to projects in openmrs

i have not had of our teams using Fiigma as a UI and UX design application

Hi @josephkagimu1, great question. We hope to adopt Figma for OpenMRS 3.x frontend work in 2022. The only thing that’s been blocking us is waiting for Carbon Design System to add support for Figma.

At the moment UX contributors are using Sketch due to this limitation from Carbon, but we hope to switch to Figma as soon as available because Sketch is not possible for everyone to use (e.g. due to Mac requirement etc).

Existing Carbon Figma resources:

We also have a new Designer Onboarding guide, FYI: Designer Onboarding to OpenMRS 3 - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

I have liked your update mrs. @grace thanks .

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