Using Docker for OpenMRS Development

Hi everyone :smile:

We have just posted a video about Docker :whale: for OpenMRS development.

Overview of topics aborded :

  • Why Docker can help us.
  • Tips to get started with Docker : installation, basic commands, …
  • Demonstration with OpenmMRS Atlas.

Some links that might interest you

  • Presentation slides
  • Docker official user guide
  • Docker hub and OpenMRS registry
  • Github repo with instructions to use Atlas image. It includes Dockerfiles and scripts used to create the image.

If you are curious, you can explore Docker hub to try out some images among many that exist.

Feel free to ask question if needed ! :+1:

Do you already use Docker ? For which purpose ? Are you planing to adopt it ? Why not ?




Hi Developers, Sysadmins and Docker fan !

Jerome Petazzoni - Docker engineer - gave a presentation in Paris about using Docker in production last week. Target audience is sysadmin/devops so Infra Team might be interested in watching it :smiley:

He gave approximately the same presentation at OSCON’14, maybe someone attended ? (Un)fortunately this video is in French :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and I couldn’t find a record of OSCON presentation. English slides from OSCON can help.

French slides English slides from OSCON’14 website.

Don’t hesitate to reply ! :wink:



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I wanted to attend those Docker sessions at OSCON this year, but from what I heard the (very large) room was completely full! :slight_smile: So it’s safe to say that Docker is super popular right now! :fire: