User Training for Bahmni


I am planning a detailed strategy on how the users in an Hospital which will use Bahmni-based HIS should be trained before starting to use it. This is why I would kindly ask if you know any plan regarding this thread. I am mostly interested on which users need to be trained for which modules of Bahmni (e.g. Doctors for Clinical Module, X staff for Patient Registration, etc.)

KR, Albi

If you have the hospital domain in which you want to implement then it will be better . Such as In a Very big Hospital there Is Specific Users to Registration a Patient So you have to Make that users training on it. Doctors and Nurse Will be trained in the clinical Modules. If you Want mange the Bed management then you can train the Nurse . In the Billing and Inventory , you can Train the Billing and Inventory person. Actually I wan to say first you have to understand the domain then look all the Modules that Bahmni exist right now. I hope then you can find out easily which modules you have to train which Users .