User Onboarding Flow

Hi everyone,

I am interested implement User Onboarding in the Test 3 and O3 demo environments. also I have access to Zeplin design file. but I can’t find any requirements or details this module. can anyone help with this.

cc @jayasanka


Hello, @bawanthathilan! I appreciate you starting this thread.

From what I understand, the requirement is to introduce users to the major features of a typical generic outpatient workflow. To accomplish this, we can make use of open-source libraries that have MIT or similar licenses. Fortunately, there are numerous libraries available that can help us achieve this goal.

Here are a few examples:

  • React Joyride
  • Reactour
  • Shepherd
  • Hopscotch

I would like to request @dennis and @grace to kindly provide additional context for us to proceed.

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