User Messaging Module

Anyone know if there is an “Inbox” type module that would allow users to send and view messages to one another?



OpenMRS provides Alerts out of the box, which might solve your problem (Demo here). But having said that, could you please elaborate the problem you want to solve?

We are looking for a way for users to send messages to one another. For example, I’d like to notify a user that I have finished a consultation encounter and they should review my record in the patients chart. These messages would be maintained in an inbox and would allow me to review over time (not so different perhaps than an email inbox).

I developed an internal message module for users to exchange messages. I haven’t posted it, yet, to the repository but I’d be happy to share the omod with you.

Awesome. Do you have any docs or unit tests for us to look at? Is the source code public?


Sorry for not responding more quickly - pretty swamped. The module works well but could still use a bit of cleaning to make it ready for prime time. I could provide the omod, with a few usage comments, for you to play with the module. Then, if you’re interested I could provide source, etc.

I’d also imagine alerts can be used achieve this.

Dear will you please mentioned the module for messaging.Currently there is no messaging module available on openmrs demo.