User credential question - openMRS to Bahmni

New to this all so hence what I think would be a very basic question.

In the process of setting up openMRS and Bahmni I have had to reinstall the software on 2 occasions. Before the first collapse (entirely our fault) Bahmni was able to pick up and use user credentials from openMRS. Since the second installation Bahmni only recognises credentials in existence at the time of installation and not any new users added subsequently.

I don’t seem to be able to find any information about the handling of user credentials between openMRS and Bahmni.

Thanks Andrew

Bahmni completely depends on OpenMRS for credentials / user management / etc. If you login into OpenMRS first, and then login into Bahmni in same browser window, bahmni will auto-login since the session is re-used.

I think more details about your problem may help debug the issue you are facing. Like, maybe the steps you performed, and what error you see.

Thanks Gurpreet, yes that’s what I expected but when a user I create in openMRS tries to log in to Bahmni the following error message is returned “You have not been setup as a Provider, please contact administrator.” Regards Andrew

@andrew, I see what you mean.

I added a user in OpenMRS, and gave it the role “Nurse”, and then using the credentials, tried logging into Bahmni, and this is the error I got:

Need to know how to create a user in Bahmni, so that the above error doesn’t occur and one can login easily,

as the error message suggests, you need to make the user a provider. This is an openmrs concept and not something Bahmni specific. In the below screen in openmrs, just search by person name/id and and add the person as provider.

@Arjun, thanks for this.

Thanks Arjun. I have documented the steps on creating a user for Bahmni here:

@andys: Can you please review the notes above to confirm they look good to you.

Yes, thank you, makes perfect sense now.