Upgrading the Developer stage for Lluis Martinez!

As you are all my witnesses, at least those who watch talk topics, @lluismf does not fit in his current developer stage any more: /dev/3 :smile:

Though he has not yet done some few things in the next stage /dev/4 as per this page: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/OpenMRS+Developer+Stages, i feel he belongs more to this next stage than /dev/3

This is a result of the tremendous work that you all see him do as part of the community. He is always helping others who are struggling with various errors, he constantly participates in the asynchronous talk design/architecture discussions, he reaches out to help the infrastructure team when help is needed, routinely shares a number of useful links, reviews pulls requests from others, and more…

For those who may not know Lluis, he has ever been nominated as contributor of the month and you can read details at: http://openmrs.org/2013/03/contributor-of-the-month-lluis-martinez/

In those days, he was more involved into working on tickets by submitting a big number of pull requests. But as of late, he has evolved more into a leading, architecting, design, mentor role. He is helping others succeed in taking his role and more. :slight_smile:

@lluismf to me, you are now not just a contributor of the month, not even of the season, but of all the time. Many more lives have been saved by your generous and very important contribution!!! :slight_smile:

Am therefore proposing that we upgrade Lluis’s dev stage to /dev/4

Any objections or comments?


I support this :thumbsup:

I support this as well.:+1:

Completely Agree :slight_smile: :+1:

:+1: :hug:

+1000 to that, thanks @lluismf for your contributions!

do it, so do it. @lluismf – I appreciate everything you’ve done with helping with jira! Gonna set aside some time to update it this week.