Upgrading postgre sql database

Hi guys,

Is it possible to upgrade the Postgre database that OpenERP uses from the default version 9.2 to say version 9.3 (or ideally version 9.5)?

I’m trying to integrate my Bahmni system with a third-party application which expects a REST api. I haven’t found any REST api module for openerp v7 so my plan is to create my own rest api using PostgREST. Unfortunately PostgREST requires at least postgre verions 9.3.

If you want to open up some APIs for an external system, I am not sure I understand the reason for postgres upgrade. I would rather advice you just build a module or even an independent service to serve the API

  1. build an ERP module using python
  2. build an external microservice (e.g. using java), that uses either the XML-RPC api of ERP (suggested) or interact with database directly (if you know the datamodel and not intend to do anything invasive)
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Thanks @angshuonline for the ideas. What i actually plan to do is like your second idea. That is to create a service that interacts directly with the database. I need to provide a third-party payment collection system a rest json api that they can call to know the bill for a given patient and to update the patients record the amount paid. So my plan was to generate a REST API for the ERP database and only expose the endpoints that are needed to retrieve a bill and update a bill. PostgREST automatically generates a rest api for a postgre database but unfortunately it works for postgre version 9.3 and upwards. This is why i asked if it was possible to upgrade the postgre from version 9.2 to 9.3.

I’m very new to Bahmni can you point me to links where i can get info on how to create an ERP module. Will i be able to produce a REST API for the third-party to consume?

I don’t have control over the third-party and they may change their system whenever they wish. So they just want me to give them rest api endpoints that they can use to get the bill of a patient and to update the patients bill with any amount that they collect.

For Custom ERP modules, you can check here