Upgrading From jdk 8 to OpenJDK 11

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here in this talk post

One major change that affects us was the replacement of the Doclet API in java 11 with a new Doclet Api. So we would need to refactor all our code that depended to the old API , to depend on the new Doclet API

Does everything else compile on Java 11 if you delete the ShouldTaglet.java file?

From the infrastructure point of view, moving to OpenJDK 11 really helps me a lot to support CI capabilities.

The older the JDK, the more likely it’s not supported by the distribution we have.I’m having a lot of trouble supporting JDK 7 already.


@dkayiwa let me try deleting that file and run it again and see if it compiles.

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@irenyak1 i was actually going to ping you. and delete all acurrances where that method is called

OpenJDK 11 is available in CI for those interested.

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@dkayiwa this is what I get after deleting ShouldTaglet.java file . Error

Can you try this and see if it compiles? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46493613/what-is-the-replacement-for-javax-activation-package-in-java-9

Thanks @dkayiwa for the link, on top of that I am looking through this link too.

After updating the javax.activation I was left with two errors from the five errors I have been having.

From that other link i want to include javax.annotation then run and see how it goes

the javax.annotation package that I have added to the main pom.xml is


and I have added this to the openmrs-api pom


However this is the error I am getting

From this I think the dependency has been accepted

[DEBUG] /home/irynah/.m2/repository/javax/annotation/javax.annotation-api/1.3.2/javax.annotation-api-1.3.2.jar

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@irenyak1 how far with this work ??

Still trying my best though tests are failing. please review the post of the error up. @mozzy

@irenyak1 Are you still experiencing any blockers?

Yes @c.antwi I am .

@irenyak1 what java version were you trying upgrade to at last?

I was upgrading to openjdk 11. @mozzy.

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hi @irenyak1 , sorry ive been a litle slow on this , but lets getback to it. Am seeing several errors up in the thread . What exactly is the blocker , and how far with your PR and what is the error now ?

@mozzy honestly when you begun the discussion about staying with openjdk 8 because of incompatibility issues I took a pause. Unless you say we go a head with the ticket then I will resume work on it.

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let me check your Pr ,on the ticket