Upgrading Dimitri Renault to Developer Stage /dev/4

Hi everyone,

Looking at the activities that @mksd is doing in the OpenMRS Community, i think it is time for him to move from /dev/3 to /dev/4

Do you have any objections? :slight_smile:



Thanks @dkayiwa :slightly_smiling_face:

Since there were no objections, i did the needful. Thanks again for the great work and please keep being awesome! :slight_smile:


Thanks @dkayiwa and I suggest this to be done every six months besides the budges a warded to the members.It will encourage people to work harder due to big expectations. @mksd can tell Us better and congs to our own, Dimitri.:mortar_board:

We do it whenever we see it necessary. When devs do what it takes to have their levels upgraded, we do the neeful, even if it is just a month or weeks from the last one. :slight_smile:

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A little late from me, but I definitely support this!

Take care, Mark

Fine with me too