Upgrade to Tomcat 8?

Hello all…

We are currently running OpenMRS on Tomcat 6 and are planning to upgrade to Tomcat 7 in the coming weeks. While doing so, we are potentially considering upgrading to Tomcat 8. Just wondering if anyone is currently running OpenMRS on Tomcat 8, and, if so, how is it going/were there any hiccups upgrading?

Thanks, Mark

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No direct experience here. But as a point of reference, Ubuntu doesn’t ship a Tomcat 8 package until its Utopic Unicorn (14.10) version. 14.04 LTS is still on Tomcat 7.

Is there a specific reason to move to Tomcat 8? It adds new versions of Servlet, EL, Websockets etc, but doesnt have much changes from Tomcat 7. I know the latest master also works fine on Tomcat7

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Thanks guys!

No particular reason to move to Tomcat 8, except that if we do eventually plan to upgrade to Tomcat 8, if we jump right from 6 to 8 then one less update to do! However, our leaning has been to be conservative and just go to 7, and neither of your responses are changing that leaning… :slight_smile:

Take care, Mark

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