upgrade openmrs platform, now unable to search for concepts by name

Hello, I have a quick question, I think I have the problem described in this topic, but the solution link posted there is dead. Does someone know what the solution was for this?

Specifically, I’m running the bahmni implementation and tried updating the bahmni yum packages, including bahmni-openmrs. The concept dictionary is still there, but I am unable to search for concepts by name in the openmrs administration area as well as at rest url openmrs/ws/rest/v1/concept. Searching by concept id in the administration area works.

Actually this could be a different issue, as editing concepts and saving them doesn’t fix anything.

Edit: I see now I should have used the instructions to upgrade bahmni. However after following those steps I still have this issue.


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A friend found the solution- need to go to Administration -> System Information -> Search Index then rebuild search index