Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care

@surangak for people intrested in this project. Is it just to improve the UI mainly and merge all pages into one, and adding more functionality in Vitals Section?

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Hi all,

@surangak Dear Sir, I am Nanduni Nimalsiri, a third year undergraduate at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I would like to take part in GSOC Programme 2016 with OpenMRS Community. Actually I am very interested in contributing to open source projects and I already have experiences in working with a variety of open source projects. I suppose that I am not too late to start working on this project. I am a quick learner and I am very confident that I would be able to catch up things very soon.

I am interested in the project idea on Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care, I went through the project description and I am clear about the task to do. Where can I find the code for this project? Can you please provide me some resources to get myself familiarized with this project and I would also like to know on how I should proceed. Thank you.

Hello everyone! I am fourth year bachelors student in National University Of Sciences & Technology , Islamabad Pakistan. I was going through all the project the OpenMRS is offering for GSOC , i have found this one really interesting and according to my aptitude. I am developing EMR system for Oncology Department here in Pakistan using J2EE technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Maven and HL-7 standards and on the front end i am using AngularJS and Bootstrap. I am really excited to contribute to OpenMRS somehow. Regarding the upgrade of the HGU froms i have some questions? I haven’t setup the developing environment so far.So, @surangak an you please tell me what is the front end framework for the vital forms? Are you guys using bootstrap ?
Secondly , for the upgrade are there any standards that are being followed? Waiting to hear from you guys! Thank You :slight_smile:

Hello! Im Soorya pursuing 3rd B.Tech CSE in Amity University. I studied the Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care project details and im sure that i have the necessary skills to undertake this project. I can code in html, css and jQuery quite well.

I found this project really interesting because i want to help people using openMRS to view all the desired form details in a very user-friendly form so that they can understand and easily access each element of the form comfortably. It would feel quite great if my work helps the people using openmrs and makes some kind of impact! I also have created a website ejunki.com targeted at home users for door to door e-waste collection by using materializecss, regarding which is my following doubt. Is it okay to use materializecss to develop the front end of the form or is it to be done purely using html/css/jQuery?

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