Updating openmrs-core pom.xml version tag?

Since the next Road Map version of Platform is 2.0, shouldn’t the value of the <version> tag in pom.xml be changed for openmrs-core? Just something @wyclif and I were noting earlier today. (There might be other places this needs updated too.)

My understanding was that naming the next platform version 2.0 instead of 1.12 was still tentative, and is waiting for Burke to officially decide and announce.

Definitely if it had been decided we should announce it and update versions in code.

We haven’t discussed this yet in order to make a decision. The version in master was advanced to the next minor version by convention. Upgrading to Java 8 and latest version of Hibernate & Spring seems like a reasonable time to advance the platform to 2.0, but if we are moving to Platform 2.0, then we should also be dropping the decade-worth of deprecated API methods in the process. That’s all fine from a theoretical viewpoint, but it could take OpenMRS 2+ even further out of reach for existing implementations.

I’m happy to make the decision, but I’d prefer that we reach some community consensus on the way forward. For example, I’d feel more comfortable considering “2.0” if I knew that OpenMRS could successfully build and run without all of its deprecated methods.

If we are changing to 2.x naming for core, for sure it has to be something like Platform 2.0 to avoid confusion with the reference application versioning?