Updating name in FHIR patient resource

Hi, Though I’m aware that name and address of a patient shouldn’t be updated as documented on wiki page

and as it is written that all the names and addresses are added to the resource, I wonder which one shall be taken as the current name of the patient. Any help ??

GET response shown below: { “resourceType”:“Patient”, “id”:“011”, “identifier”:[ { “use”:“usual”, “system”:“Old Identification Number”, “value”:“10” } ], "name":[ { “use”:“usual”, “family”:[ “Bond” ], “given”:[ “John” ] }, { “use”:“old”, “family”:[ “Bond” ], “given”:[ “John” ] }, { “use”:“old”, “family”:[ “Bond” ], “given”:[ “Johnson” ] } ], “gender”:“female”, “birthDate”:“2016-02-29”, “deceasedBoolean”:false, “active”:true }

@aniruddh if you use ‘use’ : ‘usual’ then it will pick as the current name.

thanks Harsha :slight_smile: