Updates to the Google Summer of Code wiki pages

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As per the action items from Jan-04 PM meeting, I formatted the Google Summer of Code wiki pages and moved the common contents to separate pages under the Guidelines section. Please refer more here,




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thanks @suthagar23 on this, we will be catching up on this

@mozzy can we have some time tomorrow on a call so that we talk through the GSOC program and we start on the different activities


sure @herbert24

Thanks @suthagar23 for the Page Updates , it looks well summarized now

how is 4pm EAT?

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So great on this @suthagar23

so we can shift this to 5pm EAT, @jennifer will be joining in, @suthagar23 will you have some time ,it will be grate joining us!!

This is extremely helpful, thank you for updating these and also for spelling it out so clearly here @suthagar23! :slight_smile:

I was reviewing the project descriptions and the templates we’re using for the 2021 GSoC projects and had an idea. What do you think of the idea of including something like having a section in the intro table under “Assigned to” that specifies “Sites this Helps” or “Implementer Contacts”, and “Connected to Squad”?

For example, in the MF UI project proposal below, we could add to the table at the top: “Sites this helps: iSantePlus Haiti”; “Connected to Squad: FHIR Squad”

Not all ideas will be able to fill this in, which is okay for now, but it will make it much clearer which projects have an explicit connection to an implementation or squad need.

This could help students identify or understand which projects are community priorities, why, and which ones will give them an opportunity to work as part of a collaborative team.

@suthagar23 @herbert24 @mozzy what do you think?

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i think thats fine @grace

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This will ease the process of connection of students with our different squads, awesome idea :orange_heart: :wave:

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call link UberConference cc @mozzy

Great @grace , Further I prefer to attach the status and development period as well.

Connected to Squad : FHIR Squad
Project Mentors : Name of the mentor(s)
Assigned to : Name of the selected student
Status : Grooming | Open to developers | Selection completed | On progress |Completed | Backlog
Development Period : 01 Jan 2021 - 01 Apr 2021

Further, the mentors will be directly/indirectly connected with the implementers and prioritize requirements to be implemented with GSoC. So in this case, do we need to attach the “Sites this Helps” or “Implementer Contacts” as this page will be used to give an idea to the student about the project goal. Correct my if I’m wrong :grinning: