Updates to the API Documentation


My team is working on updating the Obs, Person, and User child pages in the API documentation. We are using the Patients page as a model and wanted to make sure this page is a good example. Our edits have been published.

We were told to contact @c.antwi and @jwnasambu in particular for documentation review.

The pages are not final, but we want to make sure they’re on the right track. Obs and Person are the most complete and the most representative of how the final pages will be laid out.

Thank you,

Did you get this reviewed?

No sir. We have not been contacted by anyone regarding these pages.

@jwnasambu and @c.antwi do you have any comments on this?

@zittler.gage sorry for the delay am reviewing it now.

As a follow up question related to our updates in the API documentation, could someone please explain the need/purpose of the “Note” object that was originally included in the page stub of the Obs page? I was unable to track down any information related to “Note” in the source code. Thanks for your help.

@bwolfe We need you help here. Kindly help review the above pages please!

I do not see “Note” on the page you linked above.

That is because I deleted the “Note” heading from the page. To me, “Note” seems to be obsolete unless I am misinformed. I tested this idea by taking a visit note and then checking the MySQL database, where I found an empty “Note” table. Please let me know if the “Note” object is obsolete or if you can direct me to more information about it. Thank You! Observation%20Data%20Model

Are these of help?

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That answers my question, thank you!

@zittler.gage Kindly use this link to report the changes made.