Update from OSCON


@k.joseph and I were privileged to attend OSCON in the second week of this month. Historically, there is a general notion that the event is for developers but based on the past couple of the events I have attended, it seems to me like there is quite a lot to learn for implementers specifically system admins. There was several tutorials and sessions around system configuration, tools for system monitoring and maximizing performance.

From the sessions and tutorials I attended, there were several interesting things to pick up but below are some of the things of interest I picked up:

  • Metrics - A nice library for generating stats, logging them, sharing them to various technologies and provides end points to export them in json format. You can also get stats about the JVM and the CPU.

  • PouchDB - A database that runs inside the browser with replication capabilities, you can basically set up local (in browser) and remote instances, when the connection is cut off the application is still able to run against the local instance and once the connection is re-established, the 2 instances get synced.

  • Couchbase - A NoSQL db that you can run as a cluster of nodes, you can set it up as document store, key-value pair or a distributed cache, basically it loads up as much of the db into as much of the memory apportioned to it and the queries are executed against the in-memory cache.

  • Vaadin - I’m not sure If I was thrilled by this given that you have to write Java to build UIs but it seemed a little cool to see what it does. It’s basically allows a developer to compose UIs with a swing-like library on the server side that sends back a json payload which a client side JS library takes and transforms into html.

I also got to see some cool applications of Rx Java, visualizing real time data with angular2 and D3 in a node JS application while using the angular CLI.

All in all, I think it was worth it to attend, we met a couple of other people and shared with them our experiences and got a chance to meet other representatives from other GSoC mentoring organizations.