Unimplemented modules for Android Client

I have planned to implement the following modules. Can you confirm the feasibility of the unimplemented modules if the API is available for an android client or not as well as any other module whose documentation is ready and ready to be implemented…

  1. Admission Form
  2. Chart search
  3. Unidentified patient case
  4. Mark Patient Deceased
  5. Allergy section
  6. Add Relatives while registering the patient
  7. Request Appointment Schedule 8(a). Improve Visit note as displayed in Reference App 8(b). Show the disease in the diagnosis section by creating retrofit calls
  8. Testing of a reset password feature

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@rishabh997 Can you clarify what you meant by no. 7 - Request Appointment Schedule? Did you want to implement the whole Appointment Scheduling module? Other than that, those features you listed are great features to implement during GSoC. I also will update the wiki page from time to time.

Also, add ‘publish to F-Droid’ a priority.

i was planning to add the request for appointment feature, havent thought about implementing whole module as i am still trying to figure out its functionality. But i will definitely start implementing the module and will see how much can be done in gsoc as other modules are also to be implemented, but will look forward to finish it post gsoc if remains unimplemented

This module already exists

This already exists in Core Apps

What do you mean by this?

This is already available in the Reference application

all these are already present in refernce application but i am trying to implement it in android as well so users dont feel android to be left out.

there is an option to add allergies in refernce application but having this feature in android would be great from my point of view

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The it would be good to edit your post to state that this is for Android

oh my bad, I’ll just edit it sir :sweat_smile:

@rishabh997 you need to manage the time needed to implement all these refapp modules, please show this time management clearly in your proposal. Just to give you comparison, last year just 1 module got implemented fully.

@rishabh997 also separate modules from extra features, module implementation are more complex and likely require multiple PRs.

sir i have submitted the draft in my dashboard and all other are features and main module are

  1. chart search
  2. Visit Notes
  3. Appointment Scheduling

to which i have devoted 3-4 weeks each and a week to other features mentioned… Can you give a feedback at my draft and see if the tasks are likely to be implemented or not, else i will be removing few other tasks as you suggest(comment) there

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