Unable to start Openmrs due broken login.page

Application Name: Reference Application 2.11.0 [platform 2.3.2] and Reference Application 2.11.0 Addons Version Number: 2.11.0

Question: I am unable to login after manual installation of openmrs, demo data and addon modules started successfully but once I logout it redirects to “/referenceapplication/login.page” where “Location for this session” options are missing resulting to which I am unable to login in to the app.

Can you share the full log and we look through, seems something is missing may be from appui though not exactly sure the logs can tell

catalina.out file

Tired running referenceapplication-standalone-2.11.0 there also same issue, but Unknown Location button available there. For manaul installation I am not getting any location button as mentioned in above screenshot.

That is for enterprise edition , you need to manually install modules. how many modules do you have under module folder

This are all the modules which were copied from Reference Application 2.11.0 Addons. bundledModules - 41 bundledOwas - 2

Are there anymore modules needed to be installed ? Intend is have up and running webapp as there hosted on DEMO - Login