Unable to save patient data from OpenELIS ui

I am editing a patient detail from OpenELIS. But the save button is disabled after my editing also. Why so?

Can you please check if “GAN” exists as health_centre in your database. Also confirm if it is allowed for patient creation.

Is’t there a concern with entering patient data in ELIS? I had thought that in Bahmni, patient data flows from EMR to ELIS. And only test results flow back. If someone enters patient details from ELIS, will it go into EMR?

You are right. Right now, only the results sync from ELIS to EMR.

I re-installed the whole Bahmni again on a new computer(v=0.80 as per instructions on site), and now its working fine. The lab tests referred in the Bahmni UI are showing up in the OpenELIS dashboard. When i click collect sample, it redirects me to another page where all the samples added in Bahmni are loaded on panels, But, I am unable to SAVE ( the button is not turning green as shown in the video ) and this is after generating the accession number (by clicking on the Generate button). I have filled all the necessary fields ( as shown by a red star) and sill unable to activate the SAVE button.

Is this a privilege issue? What settings can i change ? I have not configured anything as Bahmni installation configured everything itself, neither have i completed anything from this given page. “https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Laboratory+Management+System

P.S I am able to add sample(Sample>Add sample) and give the same patient(oh Bahmni) the same tests, and then it works. But it does not work through “collect sample”.

and yes GAN exists in my database, its active value is true and its allow_patient_creation value is true. reference : psql -Uclinlims clinlims select * from health_center;

Kindly help me out.

Can you please share a screen shot of the entire page ?

Just some additional info

Actually I had my friend connect to my ip : http:///openelis. He then went to the same patients and more on the openelis dashboard of samples to collect, and the SAVE button appears for him after “generate accession number”. It still doesn’t appear on mine.

He is using windows 10-chrome - 50+ , while i’m using centOS 6.4 - mozilla 45+


Thats a bug in Firefox. Please use Chrome if possible. We are not actively supporting Firefox and recommended browser is Chrome

I shall switch to chrome then.Thank you for the help.