Unable to Logout from Demo

One simply cannot logout from OpenMRS Demo and if he tries to do so, a 404 error occurs.

I have created an issue addressing the same problem in JIRA. I was testing something and came across this.

CC: @dkayiwa

Unable to reproduce this, it does work as expected

Hey @lana, there are two UIs for demo maybe you are on the different one. To reproduce this from the other UI:-

  • Go to System Administration

  • Advanced Administration

  • Try to logout

Works fine for me. Maybe you are facing some network error.

Hey @satvikshri please refer to this :wink:

I guess that Legacy UI isn’t supposed to be used for other purposes than using the settings page. Note that if you’ll click “home” on the legacy UI page you’ll be redirected to the standard one.

Got it. Please, add those steps to the issue as well :wink:

Already did it :smile:

Yes, you’re right. Add in the talk post aswell.