unable to load bundle modules in openmrs

Hello team,

I am very new to open-mrs. I have installed open-mrs but unable to install add on modules. I have tried this for more than seven times. I have tried this in both standalone and enterprise versions of Version 2.5.0

Any assistance and a note share will help. Thank you.

Hallo @fosuhene Have you tried these steps OpenMRS Training in the Philippines - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Explorethe add on modules here

The general instructions for installing modules into OpenMRS can be found here

Generally; To install a module, start OpenMRS Platform and go to Administration -> Manage modules -> Add or upgrade module. You need to upload here an omod file, which you can find under cloned_module/omod/target.

The specific instructions you will follow that specific module.

Would also suggest you use docker as it comes with some modules for the ref or platform images here

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher