unable to import patients in bahmni through csv files

hello, i have imported patients into bahmni using csv upload but it says it completed with errors and when i search for these patients and i found that they were not created, i used the sample file in the documentation any solution for this?

and this is the error file

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Can you share a screen shot of “Address Hierarchy Levels” you have configured? (…from OpenMRS > Administration > Manage Address Hierarchy) and the address template you have uploaded? (…Locations > Manage Address Template)

-You may have to check if all your address fields are correctly mapped.

@rubailly i tried to resolve it but i couldn’t here are the screen shots

Can you first rename “state” to “State” in your address hierarchy levels? It looks like the names are checked using .equals() which is case sensitive.

…and after making the change, restart the openmrs service first (…with service openmrs restart) before doing the import again.