Unable to get the user interface after openmrs installation

I am having challenges getting the user interface after openmrs installation. I have try to check out this link User Interface Modules - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. It wasn’t much useful I even follow my previous post where somewhere I encounter similar problem during installation they did not solve my problem unable to create openmrs-runtime.properties file after redeploying openmrs - #60 by dkayiwa. User interface error - Pastebin.com

Another thing is that I could not post full log because I can not get permission beyond /var/lib/tomcat8 I don’t know where I messed up during tomcat installation.

jerome@cdci:~$ cd /var/lib/tomcat8/logs -bash: cd: /var/lib/tomcat8/logs: Permission denied jerome@cdci:~$ cd /var/lib/tomcat8 jerome@cdci:/var/lib/tomcat8$ ls conf lib logs policy webapps work jerome@cdci:/var/lib/tomcat8$ cd logs -bash: cd: logs: Permission denied jeromecdci:/var/lib/tomcat8$

Any help