Unable to enter data for patients uploaded through CSV

On a modified version of the EndTB configuration 1.5 running on 0.85 Bahmni, I’ve uploaded a CSV of patient details using the csv upload feature in the admin app. The upload appears to be successful but when I enrol the patient in a program and then go to the patient dashboard the button for “Enter data” does not appear (Only "Print and “Registration Desk” show up). However if I go back to the registration module, and then modify and save the patient, when I return to the clinical app “Enter data” then appears. Any thoughts on why it’s not possible to enter data for the patients upon import? And is there a simple way to fix this either through the import, or in bulk after they have been imported?

A bit of further information if that helps. It seems that for these imported patients it’s possible to enter data for them if the program enrolment is done following the link at the bottom of the patient registration form. However, if the program registration is created from the clinical app (from the all patients queue) it’s not possible to enter data for them. After creating the first program enrolment by following the link from the registration module, it is then possible to add subsequent program registrations from the all patients queue and enter data.

Hi @gchan, The patient csv import is only for registering new patients to Bahmni. This doesn’t talk about any patient consultation with doctor or anything. The process followed in any general hospital is as below.

  1. Register a Patient
  2. Give consultation/appointment with Doctor
  3. Then Doctor consults the patient and writes down the observation, prescribe drugs or tests etc.

Bahmni is developed to reflect the same real world scenario i.e Point Of Care. Hence the below

  1. Register a patient into Bahmni in Registration App
  2. Start new Visit based on the patient’s condition i.e OPD, IPD, Emergency etc
  3. Now the patient is active i.e in the hospital for the Doctor to consult.
  4. Patient does to Doctor and gets check up done or if it is IPD then the patient will be admitted and so on.

For the Vertical Program i.e Endtb like Treatment implementation, the flow is little different but here also when the patient is registered it doesn’t mean that he is getting treated. Patient needs to be enrolled in to a Treatment i.e Program in Bahmni. Hence for the data to be entered for the patient, it needs to be enrolled into a Treatment i.e using Treatment Registration button from Registration.

Hope this gives the understanding for the current behaviour.

@swathivarkala Thanks for the explanation - I can understand the reasoning behind this but I think the behaviour is not intuitive. It makes sense that the patient needs to be enrolled in a program to have data entered.

However, I would suggest that Bahmni should offer more flexibility so that the enrolment in the program could happen either from the registration module or from the clinical app. And in fact it seems this can be done provided it is not the first ever program enrolment for a patient.

For an end user it is not intuitive that you can create a valid program enrolment for a patient from the registration module; and from the clinical app (providing that it is not the first ever program enrolment for the patient). However, creating the first ever program enrolment from the clinical app results in a program enrolment into which you cannot enter data. When a user attempts to create the first ever program enrolment from the clinical app this should either result in a valid program enrolment (I think this is preferable) OR the user shouldn’t be able to create the program enrolment at all. Allowing the creation of a program enrolment into which you cannot enter any data results in a very odd and frustrating scenario and explaining this to user.

Could this change be considered if not already implemented in the current version of Bahmni?

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We are trying to enter first time patients via CSV but cannot find the documentation for the format of the import file…

Hi @ouiliam,

By first time patients, do you mean you are looking to register patients in bulk? If yes, here is the bahmni wiki link. There is a patient.csv which will be the format of the import.

Thanks @sruti, exactly what I needed, I’ve put the link in the documentation too.