unable to create custom payment modes in openerp

hello, i have been tring to exploit bahmni, it is to be adopted in a clinic i am doing my internship in, ii have been trying to create payment modes that are used in the clinic and i can not seem to be able to know where to go, to do that, and also when i create patients in bahmni or openmrs they do not show up in the customers list in openerp, do i have to create them manually or they shoud be created automicatly when regestering a patient and if so, how can i resolve this et back?

The Bahmni team may be able to help on this, but you could also try the OpenERP docs or community.

When you create a patient in Bahmni EMR UI, it should automatically create a Customer in OpenERP. If not, check that service bahmni-erp-connect is running. To start it type:

sudo service bahmni-erp-connect start

If you still have problems, then please check if this documentation for Troubleshooting the issues helps.