Unable to compile Legacy UI module OMOD

It builds the legacy ui. I did that already but how do i make the two apps ui and core work as one.

Then get the .omod file of the legacy and throw it in a running server. This is only if you are trying to make changes in legacy ui module. Am not sure if you have any openmrs server running.

Where exactly in the running server.

Ohh so what exactly are you trying to achieve with legacy ui module.

I dont know if am still making sense, but i had wanted to setup the full application on my local. I want to able to see a working ui.

Great. So we have two ways of setting up openmrs locally using sdk , or running openmrs docker. I would recommend to first try setting up openmrs using sdk following this wiki OpenMRS SDK Step By Step Tutorials - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki. Let us know your progress.

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Okay, i will get back to you incase i get any hardships.