Unable to build referenceapplication module

I cloned the referenceapplication module (GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-referenceapplication: A module that provides the basic web features), made some changes to update the logo, and when I ran "nvm clean install` I’m getting a build error. I’ve tried building without any changes but I still get a build error.

I’ve attached the logs over here: logs - Pastebin.com. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

make sure you add an upstream and pull the latest changes, then build

sorry what do you mean by upstream?

and are you referring to pulling the latest changes for the reference application module?

Try down-grading to Maven 3.6.3 or lower. Maven 3.8.1 no longer supports Maven repos that are not available over HTTPS and the RubyGems repo that several of the RefApp UI modules depend on is no longer maintained.

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That got it working. Thanks Ian!