unable to access bahmni services in centos 6.8

i have successfully installed bahmni in centos(i hope )but then when i grep bahmni it shows only a few services are installed and when i try to access it in the browser it says bahmni is down can you help resolve this please.

Can you please check openmrs log file.That file will be available in /var/log/openmrs folder.Name of the file is openmrs.log

Please share the screenshot of log files

ok here it is

Java is not installed, please do install java7. Refer to the following link to install Java7

ok thanks i will do that

ok i have installed java now but its still saying the samrthing even the log have not changed

It is trying to find jre1.7.0_79 but you have installed 1.7.0_111. Can you try installing the exact version ? And are you doint the installation in bahmni-vagrant box ?

no im doing the installation in centos 6.8

okay. let me get to it

im having trouble installing that version. it tells that the recent one have been installed so there is nothing to do

cant i confiure it to use the java that is already there in the system?

ok i have resolved the java issue this is how the log looks like now and its saying the service is downn

i tried to install in centos 6.7 now when i run grep bhamni and install i get thesee errors, did i not set the implementation correclty?

Looks like earlier installation didn’t complete properly. Can you please remove the bahmni-emr and openmrs by running the below commands yum remove -y bahmni-emr yum remove -y bahmni-openmrs Now run bahmni -i local install command to install Bahmni

i did that now um gettin thisa error message and its still down

@morena Heard you solved the issue. Do you like to share the solution you approached… it might help others who might have faced similar issue.

the main problem was my internet connect, it was not fast enough, so each time it failed to install a component, i would run bahmni install again, and then it will proceed to install i did that till it succeeded, for the down for maintence error, i checkd the openmrs log and found that the issue was with java as stated above by others so i installed it and now it works like a charm.

thanks @morena. Just to let you know, Bhamni can be installed without internet. Please have a look at this documentation

thanks i have seen it before