UICOMMONS datetimepicker earliest date


I am using the datetimepicker provided by the UICOMMONS module and trying to find a way to set the earliest start date value.

${ ui.includeFragment(“uicommons”, “field/datetimepicker”, [ id: ‘startDate’, label: ‘’, formFieldName: ‘startDate’, useTime: ‘’, defaultDate: startDate ]) }

However, since I cannot set a minDate property here and nor can I detect the value selected in this field using jQuery, I am not sure what I can do.

Could someone please suggest if there is any onSelect or onClick method (or similar) that I can apply here? Is there any other option?


Peeking at the code in this file:

… it looks like you can provide startDate and endDate config parameters to the widget.

Thanks Darius for the response. However, my concern is that, it widget allows me a select a start date earlier than the current date. I want to set a minDate property like the one that can be set in common datetimepickers using javascript.