UI Commons: upgrade jquery to latest 1.x release?

Anyone see any issues with updating the version of jquery included in uicommons to the latest 1.x release?

I can research in more detail, but assumedly upgrading just 1.x shouldn’t introduce backwards-incompatible changes.


+100 as long as we introduce it only in master if major refactoring of existing code is required.

I think the updates would only have to be in UICommons and it looks like AppUi as well, and, yeah, would just apply to the master branches in these two modules.


I do not see any issues with upgrading jquery. If we come across them, we shall just fix. :slight_smile:

Thanks @mogoodrich and @dkayiwa for helping with the upgrade. Since we updated jQuery to 1.12.4 we found some small issues that we documented here:

Just in case anyone else runs into problems with deprecated jQuery syntax.

@cioan, thanks for finding and ticketing these issues.

Are you planning to fix them? (I hope so!)

@darius yes, to clarify, @cioan has fixed these issues (or is actively working on them).

We just wanted to let people know because they were both only exposed via smoke tests (I believe) so thought it was good to give people a heads up about things to look for–generally, I think they both were caused by the latest version of jquery being less-forgiving of some potentially bad coding practices.

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich!
@darius I did fix them, and I assumed the git commits would automatically attach to the JIRA ticket as it used to do in the past. But, it does not seem to be working anymore. I manually posted the commits to the above tickets.