UI Changes To Patient Data Management

Hello Everyone,

First, we want to thank the community and most especially @dkayiwa @darius @burke @wyclif for the support so far.

Next, following the feedback received on the Patient Data Management OWA, we have come up with below mockups to show how we intend on implementing the said changes.

  1. Patient Data Page.

In this page, we have removed the previous collapsible component to display the data in one page. We have also removed the forms and opted for mini-cards so that we can display less data during view mode. The visits and encounters have also been separated and will be displayed in different tables under the tab component.

  1. Edit attributes

After removing the collapsible component, to display the rest of the data during edit or add of the identifiers, addresses and Patient demographics, we will display a modal such as below.

  1. Lastly in the manage encounters page, we have removed the previous tab component that was meant for toggling between voided and unvoided observations and have included a checkbox option for showing the voided observations which will have a strikethrough.

For the observations to a ‘Visit Note’ encounter, we will use a collapsible to display the group members under that observation as below.

For any further feedback, do share with us. :smiley:

Our ref-app can be found here https://modules-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/owa/obsadmin/index.html#/