UgandaEMR pages not updating

Dear Team, I am using UgandaEMR version 3.0.4. However, I have continuously experienced challenges in updating the following pages:

  1. Viral Load page,
  2. Death List page,
  3. National ID numbers page,
  4. CD4 page, and
  5. Updating ABC-3TC-LPV/r regimen on the dispensing page.

I kindly request for your technical support. Thanks

cc @solemabrothers @ssmusoke @slubwama

@apuda Which facility are you working for and who is the local comprehensive partner supporting your facility

Are you trying to extend UgandaEMR or use it?


Good @ssmusoke @mozzy,am working for St.Kizito Hospital Matany,am glad that the Technical team from TASO implementing this came in and did help me resolving the challenges our data clerk was experiencing… Thanks for a quick inquiry and response… Best Regards Apuda