UgandaEMR Hackathon - October 14, 2019 to October 25, 2019

FYI - we shall be sending individual invitations to the members of the Uganda OpenMRS community

The Ministry of Health has concluded the 2018 HMIS Review with the finalization and release of the 2019 HMIS tools. As we prepare for the national rollout and switchover to the new tools, existing information systems including UgandaEMR need to be updated to conform to the new tools.

UgandaEMR is a distribution of OpenMRS that includes modifications and extensions to cater for the needs of the Ugandan healthcare environment. UgandaEMR began as an initiative of MoH, WHO and CDC to pilot and adopt OpenMRS Express as an national EMR. In July 2016, the Ministry of Health officially rebranded OpenMRS Express to UgandaEMR and provided strategic guidance for the country for the customization and roll out.

The UgandaEMR hackathon aims to have the current set of HMIS tools in UgandaEMR (including HIV Exposed Infants, Safe Male Circumcision, Tuberculosis, Laboratory investigations, MCH: Antenatal, Maternity and PostNatal forms) and the Outpatient clinic forms updated to the 2019 versions.

We also hope that by bringing members of the local UgandaEMR/OpenMRS community together, we can promote networking and collaboration. Let us build capacity in the UgandaEMR community, highlight integration opportunities and share best practices working with & developing for and extending UgandaEMR.

The activity will be held from October 14, 2019 to October 25, 2019 at the Golf Course Hotel, Kampala, facilitated by UgandaEMR team from Ministry of Health, METS, and OpenMRS Inc, with participants from Implementing Partners, CDC, SITES, DoD and qualifying members of the UgandaEMR community in Uganda.

A writeup from previous bootcamp is at


@ssmusoke this is very exciting! Will this really be held for two weeks? What kind of support can OpenMRS provide here?

this is really wonderful for the UgandanEMR and boosting of OpenMRS :+1:

Thanks @ssmusoke for leading this

Congratulations @ssmusoke I just admire your zeal hope one day I will be like you.

Great effort Sir @ssmusoke. Any help from people outside Uganda like me!

Great work, great inspiration to us. thanks @ssmusoke how can we join the event

Super Exciting !! All the Best

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thanks, @ssmusoke for the good work. is there a chance for beginners to attend?

Good to see this again.

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Good to hear this!!!

Good to hear that. Would you need any involvement from some of the openmrs community menbers ?? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very cool @ssmusoke. Thanks for sharing the news.

If it’s helpful to demo our MCH or Outpatient work in the Partners In Health (PIH) EMR, I’m happy to share.


What a good opportunity for the community. I am looking forward to visit on the 24th and 25th and get a chance to meet the Uganda OpenMRS community in person!


A great opportunity indeed for networking and advancing UgandaEMR and Openmrs…

Some images of what is taking place in the interesting UgandaEMR hackathon

,will also share a story of all that will transpire when the hackathon is done @c.antwi @jwnasambu @jennifer


Good Luck Team!

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@ssmusoke did you blog about this somewhere?

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