TRUNK-5698 Adding Slider for capturing vitals.

Current behavior:- You have text fields to enter vitals. Expected behavior:- You have a slider and text field both to enter vitals just like AC. Check screenshots for more details.

I mean to add slider in the ref app for recording vitals just like AC.

cc: @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @f4ww4z

What advantage does that give compared to just typing in the value?

It makes it easy for user. It also increases the level of UI.

Personally I find that while sliders can be visually appealing and useful for situations where precision is not required (volume level, position in a film, etc.), they’re a pain to use to enter precise data. Hence, the Nielsen Norman Group, which focuses on UX, offers the same advice in this article. A better alternative might just be to ensure that these inputs are generated using type="number". I’d also recommend getting rid of the sliders in the AC.

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