TRUNK - 5500 Build failure

Am working on TRUNK-5500 ticket on this link but before making any changes, when I run “mvn clean install” this is the output

cc @mozzy

@jwnasambu, if you havent made any local changes and the build is already failing , its more possibly caused by corrupted downloaded dependencies.

you could also possible share the server logs here so that we get a better understanding of the cause.

it could also posibly be caused by java version mismatch between what you have installed on your local machine and what the core requires.

please feel free to share your logs here

This is the paste bin link for the error.

@jwnasambu, did you justfreshly clone that core file your building?? Try this

  • Clone a fresh latest version of the core
  • Clean out your .m2/repository folder and do a maven clean install

The issue was sorted out. Thanks a lot

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