TRUNK-4939:VisitValidator should ensure that the visit start date can' t be before the birth date of the patient[solved]

I would normally ask for help under the ticket, but JIRA is not working :confused:

So I am working on TRUNK-4939, but got stuck because of an exception I don’ t know how to solve. Here are changes I’ ve made, also adding txt file of exception I get when trying to run VisitValidatorTest.validate_shouldFailValidationIfVisitStartDateIsBeforeBirthdate()

exception.txt (4.2 KB)

@micherman the property should be “startDatetime” instead of “startDateTime” Is this of any help?

@dkayiwa Stephen Senkomago Musoke already mentioned this under the JIRA ticket but thank you. If you could look there and see if you can help that would be great. I think this topic can be closed as JIRA is working again.