Trouble with Bahmni OpenERP installation instructions

Bahmni: 0.8:

openERP user & password? I’m trying to define new tests and panels for the lab, but according to this guide: I need to do it through openMRS but can’t find the user/password credentials to enter the system. Can someone share these credentials? I’m using a Bahnmin installed in CentOS, not the virtual box one. Regards, German

I have found the user and password (admin/admin) and have logged in with the lab database selected, but now I’m lost! I can’t find where are panels and other data configured.

I’m trying to follow instructions of this page:

But every module that I try to install fails with the following error at the end: ImportError: No module named nonblockingloghandler

I seem to have the same error . Still hunting for the solution.

All credentials for the system are mentioned here:

Are you trying to access lab(OpenELIS) or ERP (OpenERP)?