Trouble running it on my phone

Hey guys, Sidharth here… I want to contribute to the android client as part of GSoC 2020. So I just forked the OpenMRS Android client repo and cloned it… The Gradle Sync was successful and I ran in on my device through USB. The app was launched and crashed again… After crashing it started again only to crash again… it was a loop of the app getting launched only to get crashed. I guess its some issue with Leaks Canary but I’m not sure though… I am not able to access the app… Please help… PS: It works in my emulator but I prefer working on it in my phone as there is a lot of lag in the Emulator. My Phone is a Nokia 3.1 plus running android API 28 (Android Pie)

hi there @shambu2k, the app is crashing because of issue at AC-723 , you can copy the changes as of now to proceed further or wait for it to be merged.

@shambu2k Please pull the latest changes from master, since AC-723 is merged, and report again your results.