Trouble installing Legacyui Module: [WARNING] Quiet Time is too low for non-native WatchService

Hello, after executing mvn jetty:run from my open-core/webapp to install Legacyui module I get the following warning:

INFO] Started o.e.j.m.p.JettyWebAppContext@6a1d3225{/openmrs,file:///Users/default/git/openmrs-core/webapp/src/main/webapp/,AVAILABLE}{file:///Users/default/git/openmrs-core/webapp/src/main/webapp/} [INFO] Started ServerConnector@f7b6b9e{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{} [INFO] Started @41140ms [INFO] Started Jetty Server [INFO] Using Non-Native Java sun.nio.fs.PollingWatchService [WARNING] Quiet Time is too low for non-native WatchService [sun.nio.fs.PollingWatchService]: 1000 < 5000 ms (defaulting to 5000 ms) Please give me a tip to resolve this issue. Thanking you. MikeJG

Because this is just a warning, you can ignore it. :slight_smile: But if you really want to look into it, a mere googling with the bold text should get you answers.

Thanks @dkaylwa. The problem is I cant upload the LegacyUI (even though I previously had it up and running before deleting it!). I assumed it was to do with the warning, but apparently not. Since posting I have deleted everything and starting over again, again.

Just download it again and put it in the modules folder.

Thanks again @dkayiwa. I’m up and running again on LegacyUI after deleting everything, starting again from scratch and following the instructions as per “OpenMRS Developer Installation on Mac OSX”. Could it be I was having so much trouble because I installed Tomcat? I mean, I followed instructions (that I Googled) to upload the Openmrs formentry module, which included using Tomacat. But did that pose a conflict/problem with jetty? (By the way, this time I noticed the same Quite Time warning but the code progressed, whereas it stagnated, and didn’t upload LeagcyUI previously). Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

As for the error which goes away after a restart, i have not yet investigated into why.

Would you please elaborate?

Not yet got the solution. :slight_smile: