Treatment/Treatment Status in Bahmni programs


At PIH we are looking at how Bahmni handles programs in hopes of implementing it to track HIV treatment in Liberia and/or Lesotho in the future.

When adding/modifying patients to a program, it looks “Treatment” and “Treatment Status” can be tracked. “Treatment” seems to be mapped to workflow states and “Treatment Status” seems to map to outcomes. Can the names “Treatment” and “Treatment Status” be changed? I would think that the label should come from the concepts mapped to the workflow and the outcomes.

The labels “Treatment” and “Treatment Status” might not be meaningful in every context.

Thanks, Dave

Hi David,

We have implemented programs in bahmni which use states and workflows. However the use case that you are mentioning might also be close to what we have done in another implementation where we use OpenMRS programs for just enrolment and then maintain the states and outcome information as observations.

We can change the labels treatments and treatment status as you have mentioned. This terminology was used because of the particular implementation that I have mentioned.

Please let us know if any more information is needed in this regard, would be happy to share. :slight_smile: Thanks


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