Transforming OpenMRS Patient to FHIR Patient in json


Our team has created a FHIR API Server based on HAPI-FHIR; it is now up and waiting to be tested. We would like to convert an OpenMRS Patient to FHIR Patient and vice versa if this is possible. The idea is, well, our FHIR API Server will serve as the Interoperability layer of our system.

How can we do this? We did find this tutorial , but we are having problems with the dependencies leading to the UI of our OpenMRS unable to display.

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Is this, in any way, related to the work that @SolDevelo is doing for sync 2?

@dkayiwa yes, we use and improve code responsible for converting OpenMRS Patient and FHIR Patient. @craiglorck you can find this conversion in FHIR module here

and here

All supported entities are listed on Sync2 wiki page with its FHIR Maturity Level provided


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