Touch sensitive NuForms

Module: openmrs-module-nuform - Touch sensitive inking forms [Download | GitHub | Video]

Module Version: 1.0.0-Beta [Report Issues]

Created with OpenMRS SDK ( Thank you @raff )

System Version: 1.11.6 (RefApp 2.4 Only)

Issue or Question:

Introducing NuForms module to OpenMRS community!

NuForm is as close to paper as it can get allowing touch-sensitive inking on form images! Only the inking is stored as JSON in the database. Hence, no backend data analytics is possible with form data. (Ideal for forms such as Surgical Safety Checklist.)

If you have installed Clinical Images module, you can annotate your images using a stylus. A typical use case would be marking malignant cells on a histopathology slide. The inking engine is an angular2 project on GitHub.

[Download | GitHub | Video]